Thursday, 6 June 2013

A Year Journey on Blogger

I can't believe it's 365 days that I started  blogging, just as we say "how time flies".
Starting was a big issue because I had no idea what Carrefour should look like, I had so many ideas on my head but somehow I knew I must start something and finally I started with so many checks on different blogs from Linda Ikeji's blog to A wandering Sole and many more blogs.
To all the bloggers that have inspired me with their spectacular blog designs I must thank you for not minding my copycat habit of your wonderful ideas.
I just can't stop thanking my mentors who have encouraged me to nurture this new found love, Big Oji, my classy editor, how can I forget the late Mr. Amadi Ogbonnaya aka Ogbuefi of the universe, entertainment editor of class, my friend and big brother Mr. Innocent, my original Ibo brother, Halim Mohammed my impromptu editor, my Aboki to sure and Olukay thank you for not mind my pestering you to read my post.
It has not been rosy but it has been quite interesting journey.
There are days I don't have any idea of what to write about  and some days ideas flow freely. Can you imagine, I'm behaving like my journalist friends because I see everything around me now as a potential story material.

For Carrefour's first year anniversary, I have posted 65 articles in all, 4198 guests have visited and I have 35 comments from my esteem readers. In all of these 65 posts I have been able to picks some few ones and categorised  my experiences into five areas.
  1. My Readers' Best Posts
  2. My Best Posts (never mind me, I love everything I've post but the one in these categories have one special way of tickling somewhere in my heart.)
  3. Post on My Most Influential personalities
  4. My Most Emotional Posts
  5. Post on My Health Moments
My Readers' Best Posts
Hello people, I don't know your criteria but this is your choice. I don't I've say in this and I can't help but accept it as my most popular post. Hey whoever says teachers' rewards are in heaven should think twice, but let me tell you on this blog it shows otherwise " Happy Teachers' Day!" has remain my readers' numero uno. Thank you everyone for checking out this post.  Pleaasseeeee, dont forget to always leave a message. merci beaucoup!
My Best Posts 
Like I said earlier on,  I love everything I've posted here but the ones in this category has one special way of tickling somewhere in my heart.
So roll call.............
I love The Daughter of a Driver  so sooo much, because I can remember that my father thanked me special for this and can you imagine he told me that he's so proud of me and he will always be. Dad, I love you too and I'm always very very sooooo proud of yah, you're the best dad and you rock my world. Don't ask what about her mom, Mom you're simply irreplaceble and it's a promise that very soon I'm cooking something very special for you, I mean it just for you.
I love the month of Ramadan because of it's a spiritual rejuvenation time for me. God is  my numero UNO source of strenght. Oh, I've just leaked my small little secret to you.
A Date With The Reuters this is one of a kind. My meeting Angela of the Reuters is incredible and it will always remind me of the power of new media. Angie as I call you now, thank you for making it happen, you made me an instant celebrity in my neighbourhood. I'm blushing....
Incredible Dependable Gidi Traffic , the man behind the Gidi handle I have not met (please don't tell anyone I said he's an angel) but guess what he's my unknown friend but I just love the way the he has defined the naija true spirit and the sincere act of volunteerism and guess what my brother after spending 10 hours on Lagos-Ibadan expressway he had no other choice than to sign up on twitter because of Gidi_Traffic .
Post on My Most Influential Personalities
I found the out the five personalities  that I talked about in this posts have inspired thousand of people in different sphere of life including me to greatness. But sadly, three of them are no longer with us, Ambassador Segun Olusola, Mrs. Sheila Solarin and Mr. Amadi Ogbonnaya. But the good aspect is that the memories of their good hearts is with me and many other young people that they have inspired. Rest in peace blessed souls.
My Most Emotional Posts 
The posts under this category always makes me think and sometime bring some little cries. If you've the heart of a lion please maybe you should read the Jungle Justice and you will see why my mood swing whenever I read this.
The other three always stir some kind of call to action in me to always be a better me.
Aluu 4, may you rest in peace and may justice be granted, amen.
Post on My Health Moments 
Health they say is wealth, these two make me know that if I must go far then I must take my health serious and check my body before illness attacks. Prevention is always better than cure.
Apology Time
I reviewed some books but I've not done any review in recent times please forgive my hiatus in this regard. Thou, I'm still reading but work has not giving me energy to pen down all I that I've read. I think I need to change my strategies on my book review.
This is my one year journey.
I must say thank you to everyone that have visited this Carrefour  and have hanged out with me from all over Nigeria, America, United Kingdom, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Latvia, Egypt, India, Canada, Kenya, Ghana, Benin, Thailand, Poland, Ethiopia, Russia and everywhere that I can't remember right now.
It's always a good feeling to know that one has numerous unknown friends from all over the world.
Merci beaucoup a tous.

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Me friend me friend, this is just the beginning dearie. More blogging years.