Friday, 21 June 2013

Quote of The Week

Gracious Rain

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"Rain is grace; rain is the sky descending to the earth; without rain, there would be no life."  -John Updike

If it's raining in any part of the world you are just as it's in Lagos, just enjoy the blessing it will bring.
Do have a fulfill weekend!

Thursday, 6 June 2013

A Year Journey on Blogger

I can't believe it's 365 days that I started  blogging, just as we say "how time flies".
Starting was a big issue because I had no idea what Carrefour should look like, I had so many ideas on my head but somehow I knew I must start something and finally I started with so many checks on different blogs from Linda Ikeji's blog to A wandering Sole and many more blogs.
To all the bloggers that have inspired me with their spectacular blog designs I must thank you for not minding my copycat habit of your wonderful ideas.
I just can't stop thanking my mentors who have encouraged me to nurture this new found love, Big Oji, my classy editor, how can I forget the late Mr. Amadi Ogbonnaya aka Ogbuefi of the universe, entertainment editor of class, my friend and big brother Mr. Innocent, my original Ibo brother, Halim Mohammed my impromptu editor, my Aboki to sure and Olukay thank you for not mind my pestering you to read my post.
It has not been rosy but it has been quite interesting journey.
There are days I don't have any idea of what to write about  and some days ideas flow freely. Can you imagine, I'm behaving like my journalist friends because I see everything around me now as a potential story material.

Monday, 3 June 2013

........Good Night Compatriots

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Dear Compatriots,
It exactly a year since you all left this world.
I do not have any close friend or relative among you but I do know some of your friends, I have met a parent who told me he lost two wonderful God fearing children in the ill-fated Dana crash on Sunday June 3, 2012. You were all our compatriots, so in away you were our families.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Happy Democracy Day Nigerians

We all know that our great nation Nigeria is bleeding from corruption, bad governance, injustice and mediocrity right now. One Nigerian is dying every one hour in the north because of political laced religious militancy being faced by millions of our brothers and sisters.

Thousands have being killed and nothing serious is done by the authority to bring the perpetrators to book.

I'm one of the schools of thought that believe May 29 should never be our democracy day; I believe June 12 is a better option.

Because it was a day that Nigerians across the nation voted not based on their tribe, culture, ethnicity or religious affiliations, many believed that the election was the fairest and freest election we've had in the history of our nation.

June 12 would have been the most justified and ideal day because every Nigerian from the North, South, West or East could identify with HOPE 93 where millions came out to cast their votes for the people's man "MOSHOOD KASHIMAWO OLAWALE ABIOLA" but all their efforts were truncated and many died in the struggle against the military in order to restore true democracy to our land.

At least, if I was too young to understand the intricacies of politics then, now I'm a great student of history because I've learnt alot about Nigeria from the memoirs of Nigerian great historians.

Monday, 27 May 2013

Happy Children Day, Angels!

Being a child, what a wonderful world of existence.
To all my lovely angels from Lagos, Nairobi, London, Abuja, Port-Novo, Abidjan, Lome, Dakar, Accra, Paris, Chicago, Quebec, Johannesburg, Cape Town and from all over the world.
Happy Children Day!

Friday, 24 May 2013

Hijab, The Pride of a Muslimah

It all started when a principal in Lagos, Nigeria flogged a junior secondary 1 student 43 times for wearing Hijab in school.
After that incident, Muslim groups and parents petitioned the Lagos state government and before any one could say jack, the commissioner for education Mrs. Olayinka Oladunjoye announced that the use of Hijab and head scarf for Muslim women would not be allowed in Lagos state public schools.
She said, they came to this conclusion after they had dialogued with many stakeholders who included Muslim student delegates in a forum chaired by one Alhaji Oyinlomo, the commissioner for Home Affairs and Culture. They agreed at the meeting that students could only use their Hijab when Muslim girls want to go for prayers, read the Quran or when they are going for Jumat prayer on Fridays.
Honourable Commissioner ma'am, can I ask if I'm permitted to ask you some few questions?
Ma, who is Alhaji Oyinlomo and how grounded is Alhaji's in Islamic knowledge?
Who are the stakeholders and can you please give us their names and which organization they represent?
What is the state's position on child abuse or is 45 strokes of cane not enough to be tagged child abuse?
Where is the principal that committed the heinous act against an innocent girl who was obeying the laws of her religion which was not in any way against the constitution of Nigeria?
Will the principal be ever charged to court for gross misconduct on duty and threat to the students under her care?

Having asked you the above questions, I need to make this clear to you and the state government, why an average covering Muslimah hold the HIJAB and Head scarf esteem as their pride and identity of showing who they truly are.

Friday, 10 May 2013

Inspirational Funmi Iyanda

Funmi Iyanda covers Genevieve's May edition

If you are a Nigerian, calling a lady that is not biologically related to one an aunty will not take you by surprise.
Aunty Funmi Iyanda as I call her has inspired me a great deal, watching her rested program "New Dawn with Funmi" on  the Nigeria Television Authority (NTA) then  as an undergraduate throughout my university years has given meaning to my womanhood.
She covers the May edition of Genevieve magazine.
This is sure beautiful. 

Thursday, 9 May 2013


PORTicracy!  I know you’re already searching your dictionary for the meaning of my big lexicon. Sorry to disappoint you, because you won’t get it in any dictionary not even the encyclopedia will help with the meaning, oh yes, I mean it.

Before you go ahead to label me an Olodo who does not understand the English lexicon, please I will crave your indulgence to accept my own Oyinbo at least for the sake of this post.

I think I should face you straight if you think that I do not have the right like Prof. Wole Soyinka to create my own word.  May be this question will calm you down a bit, “can’t I use any word I like?” after all everyone should be free by right to say anything he or she wants as far as it is not libel or slander.

With my PORTicracy you can’t sue me for any of the above, I’m only exercising my freedom of speech and thought.

With the introduction of Mobile Number Portability (MNP) by the Nigeria Communication Commission recently and the launching of Saka’s porting campaign by one of the communication companies, the word port and porting has just been added to our everyday lexicon and its usage has totally been accepted across the country.

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Beautiful May!

Be fruitful in this beautiful month of May.
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I don't know about you but I love this month because it's synonymous to examinations and exams are everywhere around us. If you don't like reading just look forward to another month 'cos this month might not just be for  you. If you a bookie then just enjoy the blessings of reading.
Worker's day is in May. Please don't tell my boss that I looooove holidays, at least I know he can't give me any task  on May day.
Workers all over the world,  please take my kisses and hugs as I wish you all........
The sad reality in Nigeria now is that many workers are been laid off without good benefit. What more can wish for on this May Day than for Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) to fight for rights  for our comrades.
Celebration of Work force

May I welcome you to the month when rainfall announces its arrival, so plenty of rain. I love rain because the coldness that comes with it, is a true blessing. Green vegetables are abound everywhere and they come very cheap this season.
Guess what, Vegetarians are smiling already****
Fruitfulness at its fullest
I know quite a lot of my friends do not like mango*****winky winky, at least I can enjoy my sumptuous mango without anyone begging for a cut. My dinner is fix for the next two months.
If you're like me "a mango lover" you'll definitely sure have plenty to eat. 

Children are also celebrated throughout the world 'cos it's their month. I love children. I promise to take my niece whose birthday is in this month out and together we'll have massive fun.
We Nigerians will also celebrate our country's democracy day, so two days holiday in MAY. I hope(the boss) is not reading this.
It's also one month countdown to my one year anniversay as a blogger , this a big one for me.
 I'm so soooo exicited.
Let do great things together this MAY.