Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Incredible Dependable Gidi Traffic

If you're on the Tweeter and you've not seeing this eagle eye's symbol or some tweets similar to these above then you're on a very long thing.

I'm less than six months old on twitter but one of the twitter handle I joined by accident in my first week was @gidi_traffic, guess what I'm loving every moment with @gidi_traffic.

@gidi_traffic is a combination of two words, Gidi which stands for Lasgidi is a pseudonyms for Lagos, Nigeria and it’s called by young Lagosians and the traffic. So combination of the two is @gidi_traffic.

Lagos is the most populous city in Africa and it's synonymous with traffic gridlock especially during early morning rush which is usually between 7am to 10am and closing time which usually starts from 4pm and sometimes can stretch to 10pm depending on how busy the city is.

@gidi_traffic has come to conquer the nightmares associated with Lagos traffic. It has helped with the city traffic management by giving adequate traffic report and tweets from @gidi_traffic's followers and the handler. Sometime giving traffic rules and advice.

Though the identity of @gidi_traffic handler remains a misery to its follower because of the prompt attention giving to the handle, the retweets are also within minute of tweeting a topic or question. Some its followers sometimes ask if it is a machine robot or a computer program. I'm also surprise because there is no time you will not get a retweet from @gidi_traffic even in the middle of the night.

What amaze me about @gidi_traffic is that many subjects from marital to science and many more issues that ought to be goggled are also being asked on the handle, I call @gidi_traffic Gidipedia because of the questions that sometime Wikipedia cannot answer will handle by our beloved @gidi_traffic.

From the interview @gidi_traffic granted OMG Nigeria in 2012, an online magazine shows that after all it's a human that is behind the handle. This anonymous handler calls himself Kaptin Idoko.

@gidi_traffic won the award for Best Use of New Media at the Future Awards in 2012. I must also commend the incredible efforts of @gidi_traffic Tweeps who give minute by minute reports of their location from Lagos to Port-Harcourt, from Suleja to Ibadan for being good agents of change

With this singular effort of @gidi_traffic aka Kaptin Idoko I believe there is a better day for Nigeria someday soon. Whoever says Nigerians are not patriotic should see the zeal with which Nigerians are helping a worthy cause to grow. We only need a real project and voila we are fully at your back.

For me and many young up-mobile Nigerians, @gidi_traffic is truly incredible dependable friend.

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Anonymous said...

Gidi is heaven sent to Lagosians indeed.