Monday, 22 October 2012

FAAN Award for DANA Air, this must be a JOKE

Following the ill fated crash of June 13, 2012 Dana Boeing MD-83 plane, a lot of agitations have trailed the company on their best practices on safety.

Some of the Customers flying Dana flights said safety was a major challenge; Governor Goodwill Akpabio of Akwa Ibom categorically said "he called the attention of Dana authority to the airworthiness of their airplanes so as not to endanger the lives of Nigerians". This was a call he made to the airline authority after his experience when Dana aircraft enroute Lagos from Uyo had technical problems that led to it hovering for hours before finally landed.
The petitions (I signed one written by Late Levi Ajunoma's son) and uproars from the families of victims is still very fresh in our memories following the given back of Dana's license that was early revoked by Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) just immediately after the crash.
The compensation issues has not been totally resolved, the legal tussle on the coroner's inquest is still pending in court.
I woke up this early Monday morning to read in all major newspapers available that FAAN last weekend awarded Dana airline the best domestic carrier for 2011. (Just thinking this must be some sort of joke!) I hope this is not April fool in October.
If this is real, I think one need to sincerely ask the authority in FAAN the following questions:
-What is the yardstick for an airline to deserve this prestigious award? (#mywish)
-Who are the panelists for this award?
-What are the pedigrees of the members on this panel?
-What is their (panelists) training and where are they trained?
-Does the customers flying the local carriers have a say in this awards or are they giving voting option?
-Is this award made public so as to have their opinion on this award? (I might be rambling)
You'll probably be wondering if I’m cross examining the FAAN authority? I should state here that I'm confused like most Nigerians on this award and the factors that led to it given.
Having read what the Regional General Manager of FAAN, Mr. Christopher Batoure said that the airline excelled amongst all domestic carriers in 2011 hence they need to encourage them.
Batoure said, “They were selected as the best considering their passenger load, the frequency of their landings and take offs and their response to payment of bills in 2011. They had the best volume, they were punctual in their operations and they had an excellent service discharge.” (at least we now know that safety measure is not part of  the criteria used for this award)
One might be confuse that is there any moral justification on the part of FAAN on given this award which is some sort of node of well done to Dana or that, should Dana airline have shown some respect and empathy to the dead  by rejecting this awards even if they truly deserve it?
I will finally ask; are the authorities using this strategy to launch DANA back into business? (Anything happens in Naija)
I know that Nigerians and the rest of the world are watching. Definitely this might not be the end of this twist.
Happy New Week Peeps!

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