Thursday, 4 April 2013

A Date With The Reuters

Angela Ukomadu and my humble self

Angela replied me just after my initial reply and voila we made arrangements on how we are going to set the ball rolling for me to talk about our almighty gidi_traffic because the  person behind the handle refuse to show his face and he does not want to grant any interview. -Gidi_taffic is our Lagbaja of social media but Angie, don't worry I will get the prayer warriors to get into prayer session that will make Gidi change his/her mind about it.
It all started like any other day on twitter, my addiction to gidi_traffic is second to none because with this twitter handle there are no dull moments as you get your traffic updates reading through all sorts of funny questions and responses from tweeps.
From my conversation with Angela, I later found out she is a stringer with the Reuters.
I did a story on Gidi-traffic earlier on the blog if you miss it, oh never late click Gidi_traffic.

At our assumed day, I got a call from Angie at about 6.45am that they were in my neighbourhood.
I finally met her and her  amiable colleague David aka Davido but not our omo baba olowo, we exchanged pleasantries and viola we started talking about our subject (gidi of course).
Camera started rolling at about 7.10am, it was funny working with the duo because they made it very easy and simple as we chatted on how the twitter handle as helped me in moving in  and around my Lasgidi especially on work days when Lagos roads are usually bewitched with traffic demons.
Reuters is an international news agency headquartered in London, United Kingdom and a division of Thomson Reuters. Reuters niche is on emerging/developing news and stories.
David, moi and Angie

Don't mind my height, I promise to wear my high heel stilettos next time. As soon as the video  is out  I will definitely post it but please you can hold Angie and David accountable (ActOfAccountability) if I refuse to upload it here.

This is your gal reporting, au reviour!


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