Thursday, 9 May 2013


PORTicracy!  I know you’re already searching your dictionary for the meaning of my big lexicon. Sorry to disappoint you, because you won’t get it in any dictionary not even the encyclopedia will help with the meaning, oh yes, I mean it.

Before you go ahead to label me an Olodo who does not understand the English lexicon, please I will crave your indulgence to accept my own Oyinbo at least for the sake of this post.

I think I should face you straight if you think that I do not have the right like Prof. Wole Soyinka to create my own word.  May be this question will calm you down a bit, “can’t I use any word I like?” after all everyone should be free by right to say anything he or she wants as far as it is not libel or slander.

With my PORTicracy you can’t sue me for any of the above, I’m only exercising my freedom of speech and thought.

With the introduction of Mobile Number Portability (MNP) by the Nigeria Communication Commission recently and the launching of Saka’s porting campaign by one of the communication companies, the word port and porting has just been added to our everyday lexicon and its usage has totally been accepted across the country.

So friends I added “icracy” to the word PORT and voila I have PORTicracy. The etymology of my new oyinbo is from porting and the term "port" is derived from the Latin word portare, meaning "to carry". For me PORTicracy is the act of moving from a comfort zone to a comfortable zone. 

I’m very sure your English teacher might go crazy if you give her/him this definition, please do me a favour by not even mentioning my name as the inventor.

Who is afraid of competition? I definitely know that in this scenario it will not be the consumers especially in a society where consumerism is not given adequate attention and the consumer board in place is not doing enough to save the innocent consumers from the monster service providers.

Just like our hilarious Saka ported out of his network to another one, I will definitely port to another network no doubt.

I know millions of Nigerians are just waiting for the right time to exhibit the PORTicracy because obviously some of these service providers are not just interested in them but now I guess the network providers are at our mercies. Consumers are truly kings now, just with three months grace, Mr. Network try nonsense with me and see how I will port out of your porter…

I’m forced to stick with this stingy network I’ve been using for past seven years now because I was afraid of the inconveniences it might cause me and my loved ones. Thanks to NCC for giving freedom of inter switching and by the power of PORTicracy conferred on me by NCC, I can now port to my envied network of choice.

What am I to look out for before porting to my new darling network? This question I’m giving adequate attention to because I don’t want to enslave myself again for another three months having been force to stay with Mr. Stingy for seven years.

I just can’t stick to this stingy network, it’s not just possible. You can call me “O Show Free” I don’t mind but may  I find out from you that “who no  like better things” , I want free bonus calls, free data access quality services, good customer service relations and  I also want good call price.

This current network I’m forced to use is not giving me that and I’m sure they do not have any plan to give me any of these freebies. So, why stay with a stingy fella?

Before you finish reading this post, I would have REDVOLUTIONALIZED *power of Red-wink* and if by chance I do not find what I’m looking for in this alliance I would not mind to port out of their porter.  They just have three months to prove their worth.

Can you totally blame me, I’m just exhibiting my power of PORTicracy!



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