Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Happy Democracy Day Nigerians

We all know that our great nation Nigeria is bleeding from corruption, bad governance, injustice and mediocrity right now. One Nigerian is dying every one hour in the north because of political laced religious militancy being faced by millions of our brothers and sisters.

Thousands have being killed and nothing serious is done by the authority to bring the perpetrators to book.

I'm one of the schools of thought that believe May 29 should never be our democracy day; I believe June 12 is a better option.

Because it was a day that Nigerians across the nation voted not based on their tribe, culture, ethnicity or religious affiliations, many believed that the election was the fairest and freest election we've had in the history of our nation.

June 12 would have been the most justified and ideal day because every Nigerian from the North, South, West or East could identify with HOPE 93 where millions came out to cast their votes for the people's man "MOSHOOD KASHIMAWO OLAWALE ABIOLA" but all their efforts were truncated and many died in the struggle against the military in order to restore true democracy to our land.

At least, if I was too young to understand the intricacies of politics then, now I'm a great student of history because I've learnt alot about Nigeria from the memoirs of Nigerian great historians.

Let’s enjoying this holiday, it doesn't matter what day they have tagged the democracy; let’s just celebrate the democracy they have bestowed on us now. But I think we the youth should wake up from our slumbers and start having interest in politics because year 2015 is just around the corner.
Who knows with some credibility on the part of INEC and some consistency on the part of we the youth the table of power can/would turn. We can still remember the Obama youth movement in America. or am I dreaming too high?


I'm not totally mad at the system because I can sleep and rest this my busy body head today. Remember, I told you early in the month that I loooooove holidays.

Happy democracy day fellow Nigerians and God bless our great nation Nigeria.

God bless our fallen heroes and heroines like Mko Abiola, Gani Fawehinmi, Kudirat Abiola and many more whose names I can remember right now, who truly fought for democracy that has given us this partial stroke democracy being run by the PDP government that we're all force to enjoy. SAD

Bonne Anniversaire de democratie!

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