Monday, 3 June 2013

........Good Night Compatriots

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Dear Compatriots,
It exactly a year since you all left this world.
I do not have any close friend or relative among you but I do know some of your friends, I have met a parent who told me he lost two wonderful God fearing children in the ill-fated Dana crash on Sunday June 3, 2012. You were all our compatriots, so in away you were our families.

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365 days has just gone by, I must let you know that not so much has been done to upgrade the aviation industry, I don't know if I'm bothering you with things that does not concern you all any longer but forgive me because I just think it's right to let you all know the situation of thing here.
  • The coroner inquest is inconclusive;
  • Majority of the your family members have not been adequately compensated by Dana Air;
  • Dana Air licence has been given back to them so they are flying again, some of our celebrities were the ones that launched their revive back flying project on a flight from Lagos to Abuja the same route that you all lost your dear lives;
  • The occupants of the sites in which the Dana plane carrying all of you perished have not also been compensated;
  • I must let you all know that some of your family members have dragged the management of Dana Air to court over non-compliance to international best practise on compensation;
  • and today the Lagos State Government has just unveil a cenotaph built in all your honour.
To all our compatriots who were our princes, princesses and our little angels who lost their lives on the Dana Air Flight 992 ,McDonnell Douglas MD-83 , we pray that may you all find peace with your Creator.
Good Night and rest in peace!

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